hey, so are we on a “tu” basis or are we still pretty “vous”

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Mathias Lauridsen

H.E. by MANGO Spring 2014 Look Book

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Girls in Afghanistan aren’t allowed to ride bicycles, but there are no laws forbidding them from riding something just as fun: skateboards. Skateistan, an NGO located in the heart of the capital Kabul, is using skateboarding as a tool to empower children. Forty percent of the 350 students enrolled at the school are girls, and half of them work on the street to help their families. In addition to skateboarding lessons, Skateistan provides free art, math and science classes. 

Read more via Daily Mail.

This is so fucking cool

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FASHION COLLECTIONS: Rami Kadi - Les jardins suspendus

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Scanned from the Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note fan book.
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Team Nice Dynamite. I like it.
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